Public Bank

Realtime Account Inquiry

Keep track of your financial status anytime, anywhere with You can view your latest account balance, account details, and account transaction history online.

  • Balance Inquiry: Check the balances and details of your accounts online at! All you need to do is to register your Deposit, Loan, or Credit/Debit Card accounts at any Public Bank branch.
  • Transaction History: View the current month's and previous month's transaction history of your accounts which have been linked to our online banking service. All transactions done over different delivery channels such as Branch, ATM, Telebanking, E-Banking will be consolidated under one screen for you.
  • Statement Request: Request for your Current Account and Credit/Debit Card Account statements as far back as 12 months at Your statements will be mailed directly to your mailing address.*

Payment History

Keep track of your past online payments as far back as 6 months at and with complete details including date, type, reference number and amount. Best of all, you can "reprint" the receipt at any time.

Payment History caters for the following transactions:

  • Funds Transfer (To 3rd Party Account)
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment (To 3rd Party Account)
  • Loan/Financing Payment (To 3rd Party Account)
  • Interbank Funds Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Other Payment
  • Prepaid Recharge
  • Investment
  • Financial Process Exchange (FPX) transactions

Funds Transfers and Payments

With, you can conveniently perform funds transfers to any accounts in Public Bank and other local banks. In addition, you can also make credit card and loan payments online.